Making Sense of Citations by Michael Dietrich

Data Governance

GKC as an Analytic Tool for Shared Knowledge and Information Resources by Michael Madison

Screen shot of Google Earth Interface

Data Representation

Investigating the relationship between geospatial data standards and interface capacity by Alison Langmead and Jane Thaler


“Glitching” Digital Images to Better Understand File Standards by Alison Langmead

Dataset Summaries

Interrogating Data, Structures, and Systems in Tabular Datasets with Pivot Tables by Bob Gradeck and Liz Monk

Discourse Analysis

Using Discourse Analysis to Critically Examine Educational Tools by Mario Khreiche and Zhuoru Deng

Information Discovery

Keywords and Platforms by Elise Silva

Linked GIS Data

Using Linked Open Data and the World Historical Gazetteer to Map Spatial Data by Ruth Mostern, Susan Grunewald, Alexandra Straub, and Karl Grossner


Encoded Description

Data standards as seen in encoded description by Chelsea Gunn and Jane Thaler